Run coaching sessions with velocity that are fast, effective and profound. Deliver more value in less time for more money!

The System...​

Marcus Bird is one of Australia's most successful coaches. He is the founder of Intrinsic Success and a Thought Leaders Global partner Australia and New Zealand. He heads up the Thought Leaders Academy an ICF accredited coach training organisations focussed on graduating the most successful coaches in the world.


Marcus developed the Velocity Coaching system through a strong desire to be more effective and to make more money in a swapping time for money business.


Running hour long sessions was not going to cut it and through the challenge of getting his coaching sessions to below 15 minutes Marcus realised that not only did he make more money he got better results.


"Removing the fluff from my sessions changed everything, it made me develop one of the most powerful tools so that I could reach my goals. The result is The 3 Minute Coach system"


How It Works...

If business is like a river then the speed to which the river flows is the speed to which the business grows. Rapids in-between the still water are those moments where change is most prevalent. It is those moments of critical decision, innovation and engagement that determine the direction and overall success of the organisation and individual.


Too long in these rapid moments and you start to become unstuck. Progressing through the rapids quickly, effectively like the mastery of a word class kayaker will help organisations and individuals reach goals, dreams and desires faster and more effectively.


Using the Fast Track Meta Model in coaching sessions will uncover the 'real' PICTURE get straight to the core POINT and uncover the PLAY actions that need to occur to transform the current reality into the desired outcome. 

The Results...



Let's face it running a coaching business is all about swapping time for money, which is great but you only have so much time! So one of the best ways to get more out of your time is to become more efficient and effective with it. Imagine being able to get greater insights, be more effective with your clients and drive them to greater success while spending less time with them? The 3 Minute Coach is a powerful tool for transformation and running more effective coaching sessions. It will have your clients raving about you as you uncover greater insights, provide them with more accurate actions to take and have them getting on with the job quicker than ever before.




Looking to manage more effectively and get more time back while getting more productivity out of your team? The 3 Minute Coach is an ideal platform and tool to get stuff done quickly... It will not only give you a management skill to help you to get more done in less time but it will also help train your team to approach you more effectively and get the best out of you. Research is proving that fewer but more effective touch points with teams is a far better use of time and resources than longer touch points are. Removing the need for micro managing so that you and your team can get on with the job and become more productive.


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