"Could It Really Be Possible?"




'This is paradigm shifting'
Come and learn the most profound and effective coaching process in the world!
Over two comprehensive days training we give you the skills to proficiently run a Velocity Coaching session.


Over the two days you will learn how to:


1. Get to the point using Laser Focus

2. Create Deep Impact fast!

3. Run Fluff Free sessions - managing clients state

5. Get better faster results

6. Grow a values based coaching practice

7. Use a systematic approach to client empowerment


Less IS More

If I told you you could run a higher more valued pack and effective coaching session in less than 15 minutes would you believe me?


If you could remove all of the fluff from your sessions and have more energy at the end of the day than you had at the start, would that be cool?


And if I could show you how to get 3 X the coaching fees and 10 X the results would that change your practice and life?


Thats exactly what we are going to do, in two days I am going to reveal the 3 core skills, 6 powerful steps and a coaching blueprint that wil alter your paradigm of coaching forever. You will:


1. Get more clients

2. Get better results

3. Get more energy

4. Run value packed insightful coaching sessions that clients love...


Using the Velocity Coaching System you will learn how to run highly effective and powerful sessions all in under 15 minutes...


Learn the most effective, efficient and dynamic coaching tool in the world.

Velocity Coaching will change the way you interact with your clients that you can include into your existing coaching sessions or as one of the most effective management tools.


Level One - Velocity Coach

Learn how to use and integrate The 3 Minute Coach Six Step System into your coaching business or your organisation and deepen the training, understanding and application of the 3 Minute Coach with two full days followed by mentoring one on one to empower you to integrate the learning.


During the training you will learn to:


1. Proficiently run Velocity Coaching sessions

2. Integrate the tools into your existing practice

3. Use the system as a powerful sales tool

4. Attract more clients running Velocity Sessions

6. Use the 3 Minute Coach model

7. Apply the Coaching blueprint for greater success...


Cost $3,300 - Book Now In Your Capital City...

Level Two - Velocity Coaching Mastery

Gain all the skills to proficiently deliver and apply the 3 Minute Coach tools and techniques with two full days training followed by four one on one mentoring sessions. This program will empower you to use the 3 Minute Coach Psychology and allow you to teach the 3 Minute Coach system to your corporate clients and empower them to manage teams or employees more profoundly, quickly and effectively.


During the training you will:


1. Deepen your knowledge and skills

2. Teach the system to your clients

3. Market the training...


Cost $3,300 - Book Now In Your Capital City...

Or book both level One and Two together and spend four days immersed in the possibility that you can transform your practice.
Cost $5,500 (Level One and Level Two)


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