The world has changed, there is so much more at our finger tips and in the touch of a screen it's downloaded instantly. Our expectations have now moved into this online space and we expect things to happen quicker and faster. The hyper competitive nature of business also demands that people and organisations are more agile and quicker to respond than ever before.


Management and coaching of teams and individuals now demands that we keep up with the collective psyche that requires us to think, decide and react much quicker than any generation before us. The idea of coaching as a management, business and individual development tool is well entrenched as an effective way to motivate and propel people toward a desired goal. However the old days of long drawn out coaching sessions are now a thing of the past. Coaching sessions that take an hour or more are dinosaurs in our fast passed online world. The time has come to take efficiency and effectiveness to the next level. As leaders we don't have time, as business owners we don't have time and as individuals we don't have time. We need to unpack, discover and create actions faster than ever before so that, in essence, we can think, decide and act at the speed of thought.


The 3 Minute Coach is the fastest and most effective coaching system on the planet. It is a systematic process that has been crafted and refined to keep the coach and the coachee on track, to empower managers drive process, employees and teams to be more disciplined and coaches to leverage their insights and wisdom for more effective outcomes. It is a system that trains coaches to be more effective in their sessions in less time with their clients. It is a simple system to learn yet profound in it's application. Learning how to access deep engagement, robust conversations and intuitive intelligence through techniques that will change the way you manage your teams, work with your clients and drive change.



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