How to increase your coaching value, fast!


A Results-Driven Coaching Strategy that shows (coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs) how to:

  • Convert every-day conversations into paying clients.

  • Create a values-based coaching brand that stands out in a competitive market.

  • Illuminate growth opportunities hidden within obstacles

  • Develop a profitable business strategy that capitalizes on the velocity coaching process


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Imagine if you could coach clients or teams in 3 to 15 minutes while increasing your value?


What if it gave you 10 X the results in a quarter of the time?


Let me tell you it is absolutly possible and it is exactly what I did and now teach other coaches and managers to do to. We don't have time any longer, we have to meet the market where we are overwhelmed and under more preasure than ever to get things done fast!


This system will help you to be more effective, more efficient and more productive than you have ever been all while leaving you with more energy than when you started...


This is the Ultimate Rapid Coaching Process.



The problem for most coaches and managers is that they focus on time as the value mechanism rather than:


1. Increasing value through insightful thinking;

2. Training thier clients, be it internal or external, to pre-coach themselves;

3. The ask the wrong questions...


You see most coaching sessions are full of FLUFF which leads to distractions, avoidance and drawn out sessions. When we get the above right our focus turns from time, commodity based coaching sessions, to insights and value based coaching sessions.


Using a VELOCITY COACHING framework through the 3 MINUTE COACH SYSTEM you will propel your effectiveness and success faster... This is exactly what I teach at my events...

"Most of what happens in a coaching session is fluff. It's not your fault, it's just how we were taught. The result is that sessions are long, coaches get burnt out and clients stay stuck. The 3 minute Coach process gets clients results faster, and leaves you both a ton of energy at the end of every session."

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Like a crack SWOT Team you want to get a clear picture, get to the point fast and get out promtly with all lives in tacked. I know, who wouldn't be skeptical, what a full coaching session in 3 to 15 minutes? Surely the more time you spend with someone the more value they feel they got... WRONG! 

Achieve increadible results faster...

The best part is that it is easy to learn and get increadible results fast just like these guys, and they did it...


  • without changing their client focus;

  • without having to do long hours of training;

  • without dropping their coaching fees;

  • without sacrificing quality;

  • without the increase of stress and sleepless nights...


Now I have a file in my office with lots and lots of case studies just like these ones but before I show you more success stories (you'll find them on the right hand side of this page) take a moment to think about the difference it would make in your life if you got better results in less time...


Instead of taking hours to coach a client, leading you to take time away from the things that are most important to you, like spending time with your your kids or your loved ones...


Instead, Wouldn't You Prefer to... 

  • Create greater value for you and your clients...

  • Have more time to do the things you really want to do like: spend more time with the kids and take them to school more often?

  • Make more money so you can go on more holidays? Perhaps Fiji or the Greek Islands or maybe skiing in France?

  • Leverage your practice so you can do other leverage based activities like: run workshops or training events...

  • Have more fun and more energy at the end of your sessions than when you started...

  • See more clients in less time so you can increase your reach...

What sort of difference would that make in your life?

You see it is exactly want I want to help you create in your life and in your practice or job. A faster more effective way to get the best out of you and the best out of your clients.


Become a value based coach or manager and liberate yourself from the old paradigm or time for money coaching that is exhausting and soul destroying. Have your clients get faster results and love you for it...

Lets face it none of us have time anymore...

In this faced paaced world we live in, that is only going to get faster, neither me nor my clients have time to sit in a room for 60 to 90 minutes. We have to get on with the job and help our clients get back in the game fast!


"I had enough of long drawn out sessions, swapping time for money and being exhausted, so I found a better way. Velocity Coaching is all about getting more done in less time and learning how to leverage your coaching value so you can get..."


1. Out of the roller coaster time for money coaching;

2. Your time down & your value up;

3. Be more effective by leveraging your time and effort.


The Velocity Coaching process uses the 3 Minute Coach System to focuses on being more effective with your time, more effective with your results and maximise your value $... If you aspire to be the best at what you do, want to have more clients and make more money then the Velocity Coaching System might be for you...

Now I Make 4 X The Coaching Fees In The Same Time It Took To Have One Session!

I remember when I started coaching I had a dream to help as many people and organisations as I could. Then reality hit me, that:


1. I was constantly running out of time;


2. That my income was being capped;


3. That I was getting exhausted after a day full of clients;


4. I had a constant feeling of not providing all my value that I could.


I soon realised that there had to be a better way so that I didn't:


1. Take time away from my family;


2. Provide lower value to my clients;


3. Get tired and exahusted (and a little resentful) of doing the work...


Then it hit me what if I just dropped my time back in each session, I wonder what would happen? So I did! I began to pull back my sessions from 60 to 90 minutes down to 45 minutes. I then challenged myself to see how short I could make my sessions without loosing value and do you know what happened?

I Got Better Results And Gave My Clients More Value... (And I Made More Money)

In fact it was so successful that my clients started asking for my shorter, more value packed sessions, because they left with more value and got out and back onto thier job much, much, much faster...


Now I was starting to provide the value I had only dreamt about. Now I was ending my day with MUCH MORE ENERGY than when I started the day. Now my clients were happier, more successful and referring me more!


So I started to put together a system to replicate these sessions time and time again. This system allowed me to consistantly run 3 to 15 minute coaching sessions which became the 3 Minute Coaching Program.

Increasing Conversion, Increasing Your Success...

I also starting using the process in my sales calls or sales meetings to demonstrate my value and my magic quickly and effectively. I found that if potential clients could get to see my magic then they were more likely to say yes to a full coaching program with me...


I also started teaching it to manager and leaders as an effective tool to drive individuals and teams fast. I realised that no manager has the spare time to deal with all the personal relationship and people issues that occur in an effective way until NOW! Now managers can catch up with their teams every day without getting caught in long meetings. They can now have their teams approach them in a systematic format that allows for rapid insights and assistance.


Now I Can Help Thousands Of Coaches And Managers Be More Effective...

At the end of the day that's what it is really all about... I want you to know your value as a coach or manager, I want your clients or staff to know your value, and I want you to share that special magic that you have...


It's A Simple Yet Profound System That Anyone Can Use...

Believe it or not this is one of the simplest systems to use and master and can be used by COACHES, MANAGERS, LEADERS, NATUROPATHS, CHIROPRACTORS, CHINESE MEDICINE DOCTORS, DOCTORS, DENTISTS or anyone who interacts with others and wants to be more effective...


If you would like to be able to deal with people more effectively, get the best out of them and the best out of yourself, then this program is for you.


You can learn it in person at one of my live workshops, or online with my e-learning program. Either way you will get first hand experience at using the system and you will walk away confident that you can run an effective high value coaching session in 3 to 15 minutes.



Marcus Bird is one of Austalia's most successful coaches. As a Speaker, Coach and Trainer Marcus helps professional coaches, managers and therapists to have more success...faster!

The Book


The 3 Minute Coach will show you how to be more successful, as a manager or coach by helping you to become effective, efficient and more productive to get better , faster results...

Andy Ramsey - Wellness Leadership Academy

Leander Joseph - Thought Leaders Coach

Nat Ferrier - Health Coach and Mentor

Helen Taylor - Beta Healing Coach

Greg Hamlyn - Business Coach

Ingrid Tonin - Thought Leader and Business Coach

Adam Newton - General Manager,  Business Coach

This is the Ultimate Coaching System.

Learn How To Increase Your Value using the fastest most effective coaching system in the world...

Until now there has been no quantum leap in the way coaches are being trained. Until now the coaching models used have been slow and cumbersome not meeting the speed of our current reality. Until now there has been no other way!


At the 3 Minute Coaching Event you will learn how to harness the skills to:


          Remove fluff from your coaching sessions and start to chunk your time               down;


          Manage your clients state effectively so that they don't hijack                     your coaching sessions and elongate time;


          Access a deeper level of intuitive intelligence so that you can connect                 deeper, provide greater insights and get to the point quicker;


          Utilise the simple six step process and activate the PICTURE,                       POINT, PLAY meta model of coaching mastery;


          Quantum leap your clients to faster more effective success and help them           to become better at what they do;


            Teach your clients how to pre-coach and post-coach themselves               so that you can get on with value based coaching and doing your               magic;


          Run highly effective, efficient and productive 3 Minute Coaching sessions             that provide high value and low time.




Here is what else you will discover:


          That rapid value based coaching sessions work better as the less time you           spend the more value you give (it's counter-intuitive but it works);


          That you can achieve more with less and that maybe you get                       caught in the clients drama causing you to play in the FLUFF;


          That you can have your clients play a bigger role in the coaching process             by teaching them how to be coached;


          That you are more connected with yourself and your client than                 you might have imagined;


          That intuitive intelligence is a birth right and that you can access it faster             and easier than you think (I've even taught those that say that they are               not that way inclined);


            That you can make 4 X the income by dropping your time but not               the fees you charge;


          That there is a better way, a much better way and it's time that you                   experienced it for yourself, it might just change everything (for the better).

Maybe it's time to access a better way of being, a better way of coaching?

At my events I'll let you into the secrets of the fastest most effective coaching system in the world. I'll guide you through every step of the way and show you how it is possible to have a high value, highly effective coaching session in 3 to 15 Minutes everytime...


Get past the stuggle quickly don't spend 7 years trying the old way it's time to access a better way.


Whether you are a coach with a full client load and you would like to leverage your time more effectively. Or a manager who would like to drive your team to greater success quicker while having more time to do your work. Or a therapist wanting to find a better way to deal with the emotional aspects of healing. The 3 Minute Coach will empower you to do it better...


Lets compare it...
WARNING: This Coaching System Is NOT For The Faint Hearted...

If you really want to make a difference in your clients lives and also in your coaching practice or management life them this program could be for you. 


It's a paradigm shift and you have to be ready, you will be challenged, some of the concepts taught are counter intuitive. However if you are ready to step up, to create HIGHER VALUE then now is the time to take action and get on board...


Join one of my programs live / live streamed...





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